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oxytocin spray - pheromone perfume effects

How to Generate Molecules of Attraction

Discover the Molecules of Attraction – Love Chemicals – Brain Wiring and Oxytocin Spray


Love Scent Pheromone

There are four special molecules that can positively effect how a person is perceived by another person. When these natural chemicals become elevated in the brain, feelings of love and bonding increase, the person’s guard is down and there trust mechanism is up. They feel good, and if you’re in the area and next to them, they can attribute it to you.  This works just as well on business relationships too, where trust is crucial.  If you’re having an important meeting with a client, then you know how important is it to convey trust, because you can’t sell a person who has their guard up. You need to get their body language to be open (the trust formation) and your chances of success will soar.


In love and romance it is the same. Most people may have a natural guard up when they meet a stranger, because of past experiences or cultural programming. If you can get them to relax and open up (and light up the pleasure areas of their brains) then you will be virtually guaranteed of success in creating a romantic relationship. The More >

mind body weight loss

Top New Years Resolution – Lose Weight – Free Seminar Shows You How!

Sign Up for The Free Mind Body Spirit Weight Loss Seminar Today And Nail Your New Years Resolution!


Mind Body Approach to Weight Loss

We all know the basics to weight loss, right? Eat Less + Exercise More = Easy Weight Loss. Well, that does not work for 98% of the people on planet earth. And, chances are, it is not working for you either. There is a little more to it than just calories and body movements. Your mind actually decides whether you lose weight or not!


When you’re mind is programmed to lose any amount of excess body fat it will happen like clockwork. The way to do this is to have a natural diet plan that totally engages all aspects of who you are, and who you want to become. The mind body spirit approach is the one that addresses your whole being and gets them working together for one common achievement – to lose weight and look better than you ever have!


Free Weight Loss Seminar

Join us for a free mind body weight loss seminar that will show you how to do this in a way that works for the other 98% of people, including you. You will not only More >


2014 New Years Resolutions

2014 New Years Resolutions for the Year of The Dragon!


12 New Years Resolutions for 2014

This is The Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology, and we know that the Horse is symbolic of travel, competition, victory, personal strength and stamina. The water part of the dragon is the energy of flow. It’s time to let your creative talents begin to flow. Flow is abundance, so be open to new opportunities this exciting year. So this is the year you will have the natural energies of the universe behind you to give you the impetus to accomplish personal change goals easier than ever before.

You’ll definitely feel the urge to push ahead and make the major positive changes in your life and transform it into what you’ve always dreamed possible. Like a dragon, you will be invincible if you act upon your desires in full faith. Just do it, and it will happen for you this year. 

  The Top 12 of 2014:
  1. Starting an Online BusinessThis is the year to turn your hobby, personal interests and passions into some residual income and maybe even, your new future! Find out how to easily get started in your own business here: Best Internet More >
natural zeolite uses

Nuclear Meltdown Tsunami – Radiation Exposure and Natural Zeolite Uses

Nuclear Meltdowns Are Affecting Our World’s Health!


Radiation Sickness

I’m sure you’ve heard of the catastrophic tsunami that has hit Japan a earlier, here is a story about the devastation that is still happening to them right now Japan Tsunami. Nuclear plants are failing all around us, even in Southern California (San Onofre). We need to be prepared and have a strategy on hand to successfully rid ourselves of this cancer causing radiation poisoning.


I hope you’ll join me in praying for the quick and complete recovery of their cities that have been struck by the tsunami and also the nuclear explosions. Visit the following site for a complete guide to radiation protection.


Nuclear reactor explosions can cause severe physical damage, not only to buildings and cities, but to the beautiful people who live there as well. They radiate toxic and deadly radiation that can damage you immediately as well as damage your genes and poison your body. You can become deathly ill if you do nothing about it!

Radiation Side Effects
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Leukopenia (Cancer)
  • Genetic Damage (Inability to have children)
  • Physical Deformity

Some of these symptoms may occur immediately after exposure, and some may also be doing their damage by altering your genes and causing More >

green sustainable fashion

Why You Should Wear Ethical Fashion Green Sustainable Organic Clothing

Why You Should Wear Ethical Fashion Green Sustainable Organic Clothing


Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion makes a powerful and compassionate statement that you care about your world in an active way. What we choose to put on your bodies says a whole lot about us. Not only that but it also becomes part of your vibration, one that other people see even before you say one word. It can also raise your personal vibration because all things, including clothing have a particular vibration energy that can be seen by a Darkfield microscope and be sensed by other beings (humans and animals alike).


What you wear says a whole lot about you, much more than the words you speak. Wearing Ethical Fashion is something that you can feel really good about, because when you purchase it (you vote with your dollar) and everyone benefits!


Fashion – Green Sustainable

Green is more than a color, it also means that it is sustainable and eco friendly or earth and world friendly. It can be items made of natural materials, organic materials and clothing that leaves a small footprint on our earth. It is also a vibrant and living type of creation. It is a win-win for nature More >

Pint girl

Why You Should Be Drinking Alkaline Water – Ionizers and Health

Why Should You be Drinking Alkaline Water Right Now?

Water Ionizers and Health

The Best and Easiest thing you can do to improve your health is to begin Drinking Alkaline Water. Our bodies are mostly water and we take in toxins primarily through the water (and drinks made up of this water) that we drink and bathe in. If you are not drinking water filtered by a high quality (preferably ionized) filter, then you are selling yourself short!


Most all tap, river, stream, and even the best commercially available bottled water is full of disease producing and energy sapping pathogens and toxins. These chemicals and pathogens will eventually cause disease, cancers, Alzheimer’s, brittle bones, wrinkled saggy skin, and make you look decrepit and older than you are. They don’t even function as drinking water as they don’t hydrate your body. Ever drink a lot of water and still be thirsty? Yes, it’s very common if you’re drinking water that is unstructured, with low surface tension (what allows your body to absorb the water), acidic (disease producing) and full of microscopic “bad guys” that would leave you jumping on your bed screaming if you could see them.


What is an Ionizer?

There is a much better More >

holistic eye care palming

Improve Your Eyesight Holistically – What is Palming?

How to Improve Your Eyesight Holistically


Can You Really Improve Your Eyesight to 20/20 Naturally?

In Short, Yes! These techniques have been used for centuries, oftentimes being called by many different names but the results are the same – Greatly Improved Eyesight and many times 20/20 vision.


There are three major techniques that will make your optometrist’s office visits virtually obsolete; Palming, Sunning, The Swings. These are part of the Dr. Bates Method for holistic ocular health. You can learn these within 20 minutes and begin applying them right now while you’re seated here in your chair. 


Step 1: Palming

Palming is a very relaxing and healing technique that is the core of many energy healing modalities, like Quantum Touch, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch to name a few. Kirilan photography, biomagnetics and acupuncture tests have proven that there is an abundance of healing energy in specific areas, particularly the palms, fingers and feet. When you combine this with relaxation and intention, the healing effects can be powerfully felt.


Here are the basics of Palming and how you can use it right now to relieve ocular stress and tension and begin to improve your eyesight immediately:

  • Sit or lie down and cup your hands over your More >
spiritual weight loss

Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach

Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach Spiritual Based Diet

The Spiritual Diet is begins with the solid foundation of Mind Body and Spirit and how they all directly influence each other. If you’re looking for permanent weight or fat loss, then this is the best overall approach, period. It works so well because it allows you to see what’s been stopping you, and removes that resistance leading to easy weight loss. It’s the key factor that most diets miss. They try and remove the weight by calorie counting, intense exercise and cutting out all your carbohydrates. This is not sustainable or sensible when you look at the big picture.


They work on the effect (excess weight) and ignore what’s causing the excess fat to be locked away in your body. Once you realize what’s been causing your body to respond in this way, your body will return to it’s normal healthy state. It begins with your body being in a state of ease from the spiritual level, to the mental and finally down to your body’s fat cells. Stress is the main cause of weight staying on.


Stress creates a chain reaction of elevated insulin (a fat STORAGE hormone), lowers your blood sugar More >