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Discover The Power of Healing Crystals

Discover The Power of Healing Crystals


What are crystals and what can they do for me? They’ve been used for millenia, ever since recorded history. The philosopher Plato quoted that they were used in the highest civilizations on the planet, and even on the continent or island of Atlantis about 12,500 years ago.


These crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colors and varieties. They all have different properties or vibrations which have affinities for different things in our vibrational universe. They are made of silicon (yes, the same silicon that is used in computers because of their highly structured properties) and the emission of electro magnetic energy. They can amplify that energy, transform it, store it, focus it, and transmit it either towards and object (or person) or dissipate it away from a person or object of attention.


Here is a cool little video that explains some of what crystals do. The voice is a little “mechanic” but it is highly informational:


Crystals for Healing

You can use crystals for healing the human (or animal) body, for calming or exciting the emotions, and for easier access to the spiritual world. It all depends on which crystals you use, and how you program them. They are programmable More >

spiritual weight loss

Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach

Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach Spiritual Based Diet

The Spiritual Diet is begins with the solid foundation of Mind Body and Spirit and how they all directly influence each other. If you’re looking for permanent weight or fat loss, then this is the best overall approach, period. It works so well because it allows you to see what’s been stopping you, and removes that resistance leading to easy weight loss. It’s the key factor that most diets miss. They try and remove the weight by calorie counting, intense exercise and cutting out all your carbohydrates. This is not sustainable or sensible when you look at the big picture.


They work on the effect (excess weight) and ignore what’s causing the excess fat to be locked away in your body. Once you realize what’s been causing your body to respond in this way, your body will return to it’s normal healthy state. It begins with your body being in a state of ease from the spiritual level, to the mental and finally down to your body’s fat cells. Stress is the main cause of weight staying on.


Stress creates a chain reaction of elevated insulin (a fat STORAGE hormone), lowers your blood sugar More >

the secret movie

Watch “The Secret” Movie Today!

Watch The Secret


Here is a movie that you can watch over and over again as it’s very inspirational. Just take what makes sense to you, and hop over anything that you already know, or doesn’t interest you at this moment. If you like it please buy the book and support the authors. For more information click here.


The Secret
natural botox alternative

Natural Beauty Face Lift – Non Surgical Firming

There’s a Natural Alternative to Botox for Non-Surgical Face Lifts and Drastic Wrinkle Reduction


Natural Beauty Facelift

Growing older is a fact of life in this 3 dimensional world, so is achieving ageless beauty. Let’s face it: everyone wants to look their best and have people turn their heads when they walk by. It’s a basic human emotion and desire, to be wanted, to be desired, to be loved. No vanity needed here. Heck, I’m a guy myself and I really care about my appearance and skin tone. You’re only as youthful as you look and feel. We can help you with both here.


I only use and recommend natural treatments and nutritional supplements that enhance your body’s own processes not overpower them. I’m in it for the long-haul and want to look good well in to my 80′s and beyond. This is totally obtainable, both  for men and women. Compare Kenny Rogers to George Clooney or Melanie Griffith to Ashley Judd and you’ll know the difference between looking good, and botox gone horribly bad.


Natural Botox Alternative

You can bypass the expense and the permanent damage by going natural. Your body and those who see you everyday as you pass will thank you. You’ll be More >

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The Mind and Chronic Medical Conditions

The Mind and Chronic Medical Conditions

By Larry M. Berkelhammer, PhD

For millions of people living with chronic medical conditions their lives look like this: • Life consists of going to invasive medical tests & treatments. • Their entire life revolves around being sick. • They begin to view themselves as a disease with a person attached to it. • They very commonly fall into a passive, victim stance due to unremitting physical disability, dysfunction, pain, fatigue, medical appointments, and a broken medical system (in the U.S.). • That is not a life that is conducive to health.

New biomarkers and especially genetic markers are allowing physicians to become increasingly effective in diagnosing chronic medical conditions, yet treatment for chronic conditions is still quite ineffective. There are literally thousands of chronic and life-threatening medical conditions (some common and some rare) for which there are now clear diagnoses but no cures, and few effective treatments. It can be incredibly exasperating to receive such a diagnosis and learn that modern medicine offers no good options other than drugs that control the symptoms but do not stop the disease process. Sometimes, there are treatments that do in fact slow the disease progression but many of those More >

oral care - beautiful smile

Whiten Your Teeth – Natural Dental Health & Oral Care

This Holistic Oral Care Health Solution Will Whiten Your Teeth as It Freshens Your Breath!  

Whiten Your Teeth – Heal Your Gums

You’re about to discover a remarkable breakthrough in dental health and oral that prevents tooth decay and gum disease naturally. But, that’s not all; it also makes your teeth healthy, strong and white and your breath fresh as a the morning after a light spring rain.This is the ultimate solution to long term dental health care and those who you kiss will be pleasantly surprised!

Your mouth and teeth normally possess more germs than an average toilet bowl! Why? Bacteria from everything you put into your mouth. It not only begins fouling your breath, and yellowing your teeth, but it also causes gum disease, tooth disease and heart problems! The solution? Bacteria. Healthy Bacteria. Probiotics.

Tooth White Oral Care & Probiotics

What this exceptional dental care system does it coats your whole mouth with very active probiotics. Yes, the same probiotics that are so crucial for stomach health has been discovered to do the same thing for your teeth and gums. It displaces and moves out harmful bacteria (the one that causes tooth decay, green teeth, periodontal disease and dragon breath) More >

walter and lao russell

Lao Russell’s Code of Ethics

Lao Russell’s Code of Ethics – A Simple Guideline to Manifest Your Dreams


I saw this on the comments section over at DivineCosmos and had to repost it here. It is so true. All we need to do is take one of these guidelines and try to use it today in our lives. Our lives will improve dramatically!


In 1948, Walter and Lao Russell established the Walter Russell Foundation at Swannanoa, on Afton Mountain in Waynesboro, Virginia. Here they wrote their Home Study Course in Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy, and added to the list of books Walter Russell had already completed writing: The Universal One, The Message of the Divine Iliad, and The Secret of Light.  The concept that “genius is inherent within everyone” is transforming the lives of many people who have been inspired by this philosophy of balanced action. Walter Russell died on his 92nd birthday, May 19, 1963.

From the time of her husband’s death, Lao Russell continued the work of the University of the Science of Man, writing further books—Love and Why You Cannot Die!—lecturing across America, and corresponding with students and friends around the world. She continued the Man-Woman Equality League she had started earlier, and founded More >

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Whole Brain Thinking Using Yoga

Super Brain Yoga


Brain Yoga

There is a practice that Yoga practitioners and healers have been using for centuries to keep their brains sharp, mind focused and allow creative inspiration to flow into them quickly and easily.


This is a simple practice that you can learn in about 10 minutes and apply anytime you need a quick de-stress or to stop that chattering mind from preventing you from receiving the answer that you’re looking for.


There are so many benefits to learning Yoga that it is almost impossible to note all of them. Discover a few of the myriad of things learning Yoga can do for you.


Yoga Benefits:
  • Calm your Mind
  • Calm your Emotions
  • Relax your Body
  • Enhance your Spiritual Connection
  • Stimulate physical Healing
  • Achieve greater Fitness and Weight Loss
  • Tone your Body
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Supercharge your Brain

This is a natural tool that can help you on your journey through life, especially when the ride gets a little bumpy or there appear to be roadblocks in your path. Yoga can help you move past these without getting all worked up. You may even discover the answer to a challenge you are facing. It has helped me many times in my life respond intelligently to life’s challenges rather than react, and apologize later.


Watch More >

is tap water safe

Is Tap Water Safe? Brain Eating Amoeba and Neti Pots Warning

Is Tap Water Safe? Brain Eating Amoeba and Neti Pots Warning


Is Tap Water Safe?

Tap water safe? I wouldn’t risk my life on it. We have been told by cities that bring the tap water into our homes that “it’s safe to drink and use.” I’m not buying that, because what else would they say? That the tap water that they allow in our homes are filled with really harmful toxins and pathogens? Not on your life. They need to for you to think that way without looking into it, or else you wouldn’t touch the stuff or give it to your friends and loved ones. How safe is our tap water really?


Well, let’s look and see what’s been found by scientists in our standard tap water:


  • Brain Eating Amoeba
  • Giardia
  • Harmful bacteria, viruses and fungii
  • Heavy metals (mercury, aluminum, barium, lead, fluoride and they put this into your water on purpose!)
  • Prescription medications (like birth control pills, hormone modifiers, Prozac, paxil, vioxx, asbestos, accutane, just to name a few)
  • Plaque forming minerals (dead calcium, oxidized iron)
  • Radioactive metals (cesium 137, iodine 131)

These are just the tip of the iceberg too. There are just too many toxins in tap water to name.

Water Filtration Methods

Fortunately these CAN be More >

radioactive protection

How to Prevent Radiation Sickness and Treat Nuclear Radiation Poisoning

How to Prevent Radiation Sickness and Treat Nuclear Radiation Poisoning


Nuclear Radiation Poisoning

There are those people (usually the ones who are in that business) that will tell you radiation is safe. The feel that is the mainstream news doesn’t report it, then it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately for those who “used to live there” it is safe, only when they’re far away. PBS has done a lot of research on this topic to see how people, animals and plants are coping, and they found out they’re not. Even in Chernobyl which blew many decades ago, it’s still toxic for humans! And the “experts” tell us that it’s safe for you! Yeah, Right.You don’t have to take their word for it, you can test it for yourself and be sure. You and your family’s health may depend on it!


Is Nuclear Radiation Safe?

The PBS special “Radioactive Wolves” examines the state of wildlife populations in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, an area that, to this day, remains too radioactive for human habitation. Safe? Not on your life. There are nuclear radiation reactors and energy facilities in around most large cities in the “civilized world.” They are a constant danger, and one wrong slip could damage our More >