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Foods to Prevent Radiation Sickness and Poisoning


Foods for Radiation Protection

radiation sickness protection foodFortunately for us there are some natural foods that can be successfully used to rid radiation and heavy metals (radiation is actually an unstable heavy metal) from our bodies. Some common household produce like Cilantro or Coriander are good natural food sources for a first line of defense until you can get some natural zeolite (the #1 natural radiation removal supplement).


Use the following Radiation protective foods to keep your body protected from nuclear radiation sickness:


These foods can really help keep radiation moving out of your body. Combine them with daily exercise and particularly ones that make you sweat, and you will draw the impurities and heavy metals (like radioactive isotopes) out of your body.  Consider getting a carbon far infrared sauna, and use it daily! It will keep you healthy and young looking!


Radiation Protection Methods

electricity free water filterMake sure to drink plenty of alkaline ionized water and consider taking a bath with Dead Sea Mineral Salt and baking soda, to draw any radiation out of your body. Also, try using a homeopathic detox and sit in a sauna (carbon infrared sauna) and quickly release these harmful toxins from your body. Do not let them sit in your body. Time is of the essence.


For more powerful radioactive preventative substances like Zeolit visit Radiation Sickness and Water Purification Tablet.

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