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Bears are Killing our HoneyBees!  Oops, I mean Bayer’s Killing our HoneyBees.

What’s Killing our Bees?

honey beeThere is now irrefutable evidence that our honeybees are being poisoned (just like us humans) by the insecticides sprayed on conventional (non-farmer’s market and non-organic) produce. Most recently it is linked to the pesticide being sprayed on Genetically Engineered Corn.  In a recent news article by ABC News the shocking truth is now on the forefront:


“The study, titled “Assessment of the Environmental Exposure of Honeybees to Particulate Matter Containing Neonicotinoid Insecticides Coming from Corn Coated Seeds,” was published in the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science & Technology journal, and provides insight into colony collapse disorder.”

You and I can help prevent this by not purchasing this “GE Corn” or other produce sprayed with pesticides, why would you want to? There are no benefits only health concerns to those who eat it, our bees, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs that land on these poison coated plants. Please support your local farmers and organic gardeners (or grow your own Organic Food without spraying them with harmful chemicals) and together we can save our own families health, and that of one of the most precious natural resources on our planet – Our Honeybees!


Helping our Helpers


electricity free water filterAt first we weren’t sure what was the major reason for their disappearance. And like Albert Einstein said, if we lose our honey bees, humans will also disappear in four years!  This is serious business. Genetically Engineered foods? Radiation Poisoning? Angels playing the HAARP? Chemtrails? Or were they just forced to take a Bayer chemical to soothe their nerves? It’s also leaking into our water supplies from the runoff of their chemical farming techniques. All life needs fresh and clean drinking water to survive and I would seriously look into making sure I drink filtered water. Radiation and Chemicals do not belong in our bodies or those of our honey bees.


Please Read the following report leaked by the EPA:


- Leaked EPA Document Says Bayer’s Clothianidin Insecticide
Kills Honey Bees.   Click for report.


“Clothianidin is highly toxic to honey bees.”

- Leaked EPA Document, November 2, 2010

Honey bee gathering pollen. U.K. House of Commons
has proposed ban on nicotine-based pesticides.


(The Above article is from


Join us in just saying “NO” to Bayer products!

For an article on the tremendous amount of benefit of honey check out: Honey Benefits. When you do buy honey please get your honey from a supplier that collects the honey in a way that does not harm the bees or their queen.  Our world depends upon the tireless work of our greatest natural workers “the honeybees.” I recommend natural raw organic Manuka honey because they love and help protect our bees while sustainably harvesting the honey.

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