The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… in accordance with the sun’s energy.  This makes plenty of sense as it can give your more energy and flexibility as well as the spiritual connection inherent in practicing yoga.  Do include this practice into your daily life and let me know of your personal results.  Comments are most welcome!  Happy Sun gazing! To find out how to use this natural healing and creative energy safely and effectively by check out the sun gazing techniques book. …

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Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

manifest abundance

… flowing freely into your daily life, your beliefs (conscious and subconscious) will adjust and you will now have a new barometer to measure future manifestations with.   Send out your thoughts about what you desire and combine them with some emotion and do this consistently as much as you can (daily is best) and you will quickly notice that you are having beneficial synchronicities happening to you on a regular basis.  It has happened to me personally as I have experienced random acts of …

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What is NLP?

… the opportunities (choices to be made) by attracting the fruits of the solution and not of the problem. NLP Trainer Course You can learn more about NLP in your daily life by taking a course on it. It can be the single best self-help tool you ever learn to attract the kind of relationships, career and experiences you desire, as well as improve every aspect of your life. To begin consider using these four NLP presuppositions in your daily life.  Focus upon one of these each day, and see how you …

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