Full-Body Scanning – Are You Being Zapped?

airport full body scanner

… great. What this does is allows the earth’s electromagnetic base frequency to give your body the electrons to balance the free radicals caused by radiation. You can also get a grounding pad to do this if you can’t get outdoors.   I would also recommend using ESD (electrostatic discharge) or grounding shoes. What these shoes can do for you is allow you to make a direct connection to earth or ground, removing the harmful EMF’s and providing your body with antioxidant …

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The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… eyesight at 20/20 (I’m over 50), I am stronger and more fit than people half my age (I’m a natural bodybuilder), my hair is full and dark brown, and I rarely ever feel ill.   You can supercharge your sun gazing benefits by standing or seated on a natural surface (grass, dirt or even concrete) with your bare feet or other direct bodily contact while sun gazing. I even sleep on an earthing pad, and use one while I’m on my computer to allow the harmful EMF Waves (from …

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