Please Call Me Honey!

The Healing Benefits of Honey   Calling Dr. Honey Honey is probably one of the oldest health and healing foods since the dawn of civilization.  Honey Benefits are well documented and I’ll detail some Honey Nutrition facts that will totally amaze you, as well as have you calling for your Honey tonight!  Let’s look at what the this powerful superfood can do for you. Honey’s health restoring properties: Antibacterial Effective against many antibiotic resistant bacteria. …

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What’s Killing Our Honey Bees?

honey bee

… pesticides.   (The Above article is from   Join us in just saying “NO” to Bayer products! For an article on the tremendous amount of benefit of honey check out: Honey Benefits. When you do buy honey please get your honey from a supplier that collects the honey in a way that does not harm the bees or their queen.  Our world depends upon the tireless work of our greatest natural workers “the honeybees.” I recommend natural raw organic Manuka …

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