BrainWave Entrainment – Can It Increase Your IQ and Performance?

brain waves increase iq

  BrainWave Entrainment – Can It Increase Your IQ and Performance?     What Are Binaural Beats? In a groundbreaking study in brain wave enhancement in 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. showed that we have the power to unlock dormant areas of our brains and use them for our advantage. He took a group of 8 university level students and increased their GPA by having them just listen to Binaural Beats during study and before exams and a miracle happened: their grades increased! Not only …

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You Can Heal Your Life Right Now and Start Living Your Best Life!

Gary Craig EFT Tapping Therapy – You Can Heal Your Life! EFT Tapping Therapy Science has finally caught up to what really makes us tick, or sometimes tock. Recent medical research has clearly shown that acupuncture meridians actually exist, in exactly the locations that ancient traditional Chinese medical doctors have known and used successfully for thousands of years. This is the stuff of miracles, and one’s that you can learn to easily manifest. Even more groundbreaking is the …

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How to Attract Harmonious Relationships

goregous woman

… by getting into their vibration yourself and developing your own Social IQ.  There are a few really tools that can help you master the “vibes” you are sending and learn to create the emotional state in others by creating communicational chemistry.     Recommended Relationship Resources If you’ve recently had a break up with someone you really love, then the best course of action is usually to win them back by finding the emotional strings that are being played and …

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