2017 New Years Resolutions

new years resolutions

… That Body Moving – Health and Wealth are intimately related. With your health, you can much more easily make wealth, and enjoy it too. Without your health, all the wealth in the world will not serve you. Get started today and show yourself how much you love yourself by deciding to Look and feel like you know you really can. Consider getting some Home Fitness Products and make it easier on yourself (no gas costs, travel time, waiting in line to be able to workout). For more in formation on …

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Is Tap Water Safe? Brain Eating Amoeba and Neti Pots Warning

is tap water safe

… into it, or else you wouldn’t touch the stuff or give it to your friends and loved ones. How safe is our tap water really?   Well, let’s Look and see what’s been found by scientists in our standard tap water:   Brain Eating Amoeba Giardia Harmful bacteria, viruses and fungii Heavy metals (mercury, aluminum, barium, lead, fluoride and they put this into your water on purpose!) Prescription medications (like birth control pills, hormone modifiers, Prozac, paxil, …

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The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… achieving balance in our lives.  We will discuss the benefits of earthing on another post to follow.  So, let’s now Look at some of the benefits of gazing at the sun and how to do it in a safe and effective way. Sun Gazing Benefits: Deepened Spiritual Connection 3rd Eye Activation Increases Intuition Increased Natural Melatonin Production Increased Vitamin D Production Natural Mood Elevation (relieves depression) Increases Physical Strength Increases Metabolism Provides a source of …

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What To Do For Back Pain

back pain relief

… able to do the things you love in life. You can’t make up for lost time, so take a few minutes and Look into something that will give you back your life, and your back! You owe it to yourself to live a happier and pain free existence. Just click on the Lose the Back Pain guide below and in 3 days you’ll be feeling so much better than you have in a long time.     For more information visit the Treatment for Spinal Stenosis or Arthritis of the Spine website pages. …

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Natural Treatment for Radiation Poisoning and Exposure

radiation exposure

… heavy metals can be hauled out of the body quickly, safely and effectively.   There is help from the plant kingdom as well. You can go out in your local forest or rural area and Look for some natural plants that will fill up your body with natural sodium (iodine) and potassium which will not leave room for heavy metals (radiation is a heavy metal) to take hold very long in your body.   Watch this short video to learn which plants can help you, and how you can find and harvest them for …

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Why You Should Be Drinking Alkaline Water

… skin, and make you Look decrepit and older than you are. They don’t even function as drinking water as they don’t hydrate your body because they are no longer properly structured to enter your body’s cells and fully hydrate them like they are supposed to do.    Ever drink a lot of water and still be thirsty? Yes, it’s very common if you’re drinking water that is unstructured, with low surface tension (what allows your body to absorb the water), acidic …

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Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach

… remove the weight by calorie counting, intense exercise and cutting out all your carbohydrates. This is not sustainable or sensible when you Look at the big picture.   They work on the effect (excess weight) and ignore what’s causing the excess fat to be locked away in your body. Once you realize what’s been causing your body to respond in this way, your body will return to it’s normal healthy state. It begins with your body being in a state of ease from the spiritual …

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Top New Years Resolution – Lose Weight – Free Seminar Shows You How!

… you’re mind is programmed to lose any amount of excess body fat it will happen like clockwork. The way to do this is to have a natural diet plan that totally engages all aspects of who you are, and who you want to become. The mind body spirit approach is the one that addresses your whole being and gets them working together for one common achievement – to lose weight and Look better than you ever have!   Free Weight Loss Seminar Join us for a free mind body weight loss seminar …

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Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

… kindness or moments that just the right opportunity comes through an acquaintance or friend that you know was tailor made just for you.  It can be almost unbelievable, but definitely just what the doctor ordered! Learn Joe’s formula for creating wealth spiritually.   Bob Proctor & Mary Morrissey If you’d like to learn from those who are highly spiritual and financially abundant than Look no further! These enlightened teachers show you how to open yourself up to receive the …

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Please Call Me Honey!

The Healing Benefits of Honey   Calling Dr. Honey Honey is probably one of the oldest health and healing foods since the dawn of civilization.  Honey Benefits are well documented and I’ll detail some Honey Nutrition facts that will totally amaze you, as well as have you calling for your Honey tonight!  Let’s Look at what the this powerful superfood can do for you. Honey’s health restoring properties: Antibacterial Effective against many antibiotic resistant bacteria. …

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