Discover The Power of Healing Crystals

healing crystals

Discover The Power of Healing Crystals   What are crystals and what can they do for me? They’ve been used for MILLENIA, ever since recorded history. The philosopher Plato quoted that they were used in the highest civilizations on the planet, and even on the continent or island of Atlantis about 12,500 years ago.   These crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colors and varieties. They all have different properties or vibrations which have affinities for different things in our …

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Pope Benedict Resigns – St. Malachy’s Prophecy

… quatrains that talk about this time in general and the end of the church as it’s been for the last 2,000 years. Here is a good brief video from the History Channel that makes clear what this means to the Church as well to end times prophecy in general. It is kind of bizarre that it is right around the time of 2012 as well. He wrote his prophecies nearly a MILLENIA ago!   However, time is running out. Their own prophecies say that they have one pope left to go. This pope will have a …

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Holistic Medicine – Don’t Get Treated Without It!

… Acupuncture meridians have also been recently scientifically verified (thanks to NASA equipment) to exist exactly as the Traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic physicians have stated MILLENIA ago! Spiritual healing taps into the vibrational level and uses intention and focused benevolence to heal.   Hippocrates is called the “Father of Medicine,” and all modern physicians take the oath to “Do no harm.” He taught the holistic model of medicine, and even used astrology to see …

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