Full-Body Scanning – Are You Being Zapped?

airport full body scanner

… like a criminal) but you can protect yourself and your family from the effects of radiation poisoning.Opt-Out if you can and ask for a pat down instead. It’s humiliating just like the scan but far less dangerous.   Grounding yourself (also called earthing) against radiation is good if you can do it. After you are subjected to radiation, make contact with the earth’s natural energy field by taking your shoes off and standing or walking on grass or dirt somewhere. A beach is …

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The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… and safe when done right.) It’s about using the natural energy and anti-oxidants from our own, earth and sun to improve eyesight and health naturally. I have been personally doing it for almost a year now, and I’ve noticed more energy, stronger workouts, feeling less hungry, better sleep, heightened mood, improved vision and deeper spiritual connection. I feel that they’re really on to something. I don’t do it exclusively, but I do use it as a way to gain better …

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