2015 New Years Resolutions

2015 new years resolutions for the Year of The Sheep!   12 new years resolutions for 2015 This is The Year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology, and we know that the sheep is symbolic of wisdom, prosperity and abundance on all levels. So this is the year you will have the natural energies of the universe behind you to give you the impetus to accomplish personal change goals easier than ever before. You’ll definitely feel the urge to push ahead and make the major positive changes in …

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11:11 11 New Year Resolutions for 11

… (Quality of Life) – This is where you take care of what you really want for yourself. When you do this, stress will melt off like hot butter on a warm summer night. Without stress your body can actually grow new brain, nerve and tissue cells. This means a more radiant looking you. Begin by looking at the previous 10 new years resolutions areas and check them off one by one. When you finish you will have attained this final goal, and be the happiest kid on the block (at any age). Check out …

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