Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

manifest abundance

Wealth and Prosperity Creation Using Spiritual Laws of Attraction For Manifesting Abundance   Manifesting Abundance I’m sure that you’ve heard that your thoughts today create your reality tomorrow.  That is very much so when it comes to financial matters.  All things in our universe are energy.  Thoughts, emotions and our behaviors are displays of our personal energy.  Money is energy. It is even called “currency.”  The spiritual laws that govern the physical …

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You Can Heal Your Life Right Now and Start Living Your Best Life!

Gary Craig EFT Tapping Therapy – You Can Heal Your Life! EFT Tapping Therapy Science has finally caught up to what really makes us tick, or sometimes tock. Recent medical research has clearly shown that acupuncture meridians actually exist, in exactly the locations that ancient traditional Chinese medical doctors have known and used successfully for thousands of years. This is the stuff of miracles, and one’s that you can learn to easily manifest. Even more groundbreaking is the …

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The Power of Intention

… Manifestation Meeting method. What you would do with this method, is first write down two or three goals that you have that you’d like to manifest into your current reality. Write slowly or you can even type slowly, getting into a pattern of writing and thinking about your desires for at least 17 seconds up to 68 seconds for each desire. Then call a friend or two at the same time and tell them how great it is to have those things in your reality. After you have spoken to them about your goals …

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Are Your Current Beliefs Blocking Your Happiness?

Your beliefs directly lead to what you experience as reality, it is wise to examine what beliefs you are now holding (they change over time), where they came from (they can be deeply ingrained from your heritage), and most importantly whether they are serving your needs or you are serving theirs! I believe this is the beginning of true wisdom. If you do this one thing, you will see the positive changes in your life that you didn’t even think was possible. Your Beliefs Control Your Destiny!

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What is NLP?

… NLP Practitioner – Top Prepositions Consider the following four Neuro-Linguistic Programming Presuppositions and see how you are currently using them, and how you can tweak them into a model that works for you. Own them and make them your own: The Map is not The Territory “People actually respond to their ‘map’ of reality and not to reality itself. This ‘Map of reality’ is created from teachings, observations, experiences, memories and beliefs.” The words we use are …

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