How to Generate Molecules of Attraction

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… works just as well on business relationships too, where trust is crucial.  If you’re having an important meeting with a client, then you know how important is it to convey trust, because you can’t sell a person who has their guard up. You need to get their body language to be open (the trust formation) and your chances of success will soar.   In love and romance it is the same. Most people may have a natural guard up when they meet a stranger, because of past experiences or …

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Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach

… Approach is spiritually based and works from the inside out for the best results you’ve ever experienced.   The Jon Gabriel Approach Jon Gabriel was a man’s man at over 400 pounds, loud and boisterous on the outside, but dying a slow death of disease and loneliness on the inside. He read all the diet books on the shelf, and even had personal relationships with Dr. Atkins (of the Atkins diet) and Dr. Pritikin (from the Pritikin diet.) Even with that inside track with the …

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You Can Heal Your Life Right Now and Start Living Your Best Life!

… may be limiting us, and we didn’t even know why. What’s important is that we can move past our limiting reactions and into a much happier, healthier and more successful life. It works wonders in relationships too. Louise Hay Louise Hay is the publisher of Hay House and is a pioneer in the personal change and empowerment movement. She has show how by using simple techniques and natural healing remedies you can heal all areas of your life. And she knows, as she has beaten Cancer first …

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The Body Code – Release Trapped Emotional Baggage

… recurring difficulties in your relationships. It can even be used in combination with EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) for PTSD and heavy and long standing phobias.   Dr. Nelson is currently helping our soldiers who are having a hard time (PTSD) or post traumatic stress disorder. The Body Code works really well in helping them make a quick recovery. If you know of any soldier who is having these types of emotional or traumatic problems then click here and he will give them a free …

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How to Attract Harmonious Relationships

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How to Attract a Harmonious Relationship       Attracting Loving relationships To attract a vibrationally compatible partner or even to live more harmoniously with your current partner you need to achieve vibrational alignment with them. This means being closely matched on the emotional scale. A mostly happy person will not last very long being happy with a mostly unhappy person. Remember that you can’t change anyone other than yourself, so in a non-harmonious relationship the Law of …

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Are Your Current Beliefs Blocking Your Happiness?

Your beliefs directly lead to what you experience as reality, it is wise to examine what beliefs you are now holding (they change over time), where they came from (they can be deeply ingrained from your heritage), and most importantly whether they are serving your needs or you are serving theirs! I believe this is the beginning of true wisdom. If you do this one thing, you will see the positive changes in your life that you didn’t even think was possible. Your Beliefs Control Your Destiny!

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What is NLP?

… as personal or romantic relationships. It can help you install positive habits or behaviors as well as remove ones that are no longer serving you. NLP Techniques There are a lot of techniques to learn in NLP that can quickly change your life for the better. As an introduction on how you can use these techniques to help you become a more powerful observer and manifestor in life, let’s start with NLP Presuppositions. NLP prepositions are one of my favorite tools to use to help someone …

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11:11 11 New Year Resolutions for 11

… out professionally! Eat Healthier, More Nutritious Food – We all know that what you put into your body becomes your body (and also brain). Choosing wisely not only will make you look and feel more younger, but will increase the quality of your life as well as the quality of your relationships. Being in a happy state begins with nutrition, because it directly leads to what chemicals are available to produce ecstatic moods or negative and depressing ones. Choose Ionized Water as your source of …

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