The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

SunGazing and Earthing   Why Sungaze? The Art of Sun Gazing has been practiced for thousands of years. It has been brought to light recently by authors and solar gazing pioneers Hira Ratan Manek (Sun Gazing) and Jashumeen (living on light) who claim to primarily “live on light.” They are using photosynthesis the same process by which plants convert sunlight into energy and nutrition. Humans can also make use of the abundant source of free energy (It’s actually very healing …

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Improve Your Eyesight Holistically – What is Palming?

holistic eye care palming

… powerful healing tools. It’s what most energy healers begin with, and mastering this one thing you may be tempted to try it on other body parts (or loved ones and pets). When you get do this with confidence and intention, you will see remarkable results.   Watch this brief video explaining how to Palm using the Bates Method: You can even combine this with Sun Gazing for long-term healing results.   Step 2: Sunning for Healthy Eyesight The best source of light for sunning (which …

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What Would a Mayan Elder Do?

… child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” And I wholeheartedly agree. Watch. Listen. And Learn, you will be amazed! Video 1: Spiritual Connection and Vibration   >  You can even combine this with Sun Gazing for long-term healing results.   Video 2: DNA Activation, Energetic Cleansing and Happiness   Video 3 – Conclusion For more information visit Ac Tah’s Website and to see other great interviews with people like Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Masaru …

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