The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… when it is directly on the horizon (1-5 minutes before sunset or after sunrise) Stare into the heart of the sun on your first day for 5 seconds (no more!) Block your eyes with your hands or close your eyes for a minute afterwards Drink water afterwards to spread it’s benefit Each day you can increase the time for sun gazing by 5 seconds.  Work your way up to about 12 minutes a day if you can. You will begin to see benefits after about a month of doing it consistently.  Experienced Sun …

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What To Do For Back Pain

back pain relief

  What To Do For Back Pain? Back pain can be caused by many things, poor posture over time, physical injuries or even chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Whatever the casue, there is plenty you can do to start easing away your back pain now.   Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent and heal your back. The muscles around your spinal column can be strengthened to give some pain relief and flexibility, even if you have fused disks.  There is a good position you can get into …

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How to Generate Molecules of Attraction

oxytocin spray - pheromone perfume effects

… deep emotional states. And that is why is this is the best delivery method on how to use these attraction pheromones.  They last a few hours, but you can carry a small bottle of this spray with you and be ready or empowered at any time you need to. Got a date or important business meeting? Use it! Oxytocin Spray Oxytocin Spray is one of the best for creating this sense of trust and positive feelings that has ever been tested. It works for both men and women, and rather quickly at that. It will …

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Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach

… level, to the mental and finally down to your body’s fat cells. Stress is the main cause of weight staying on.   Stress creates a chain reaction of elevated insulin (a fat STORAGE hormone), lowers your blood sugar so you’re hungry, and creates an acidic and disease prone state in your body known as chronic inflammation. Once you address this cause, you can then begin adding the right combination of foods, at the right time for permanent and easy fat loss. The Jon Gabriel …

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Philosophy and The Matrix

The Matrix

Watch Return to Source: Philosophy and The Matrix   Will You Take The “Red Pill” or The “Blue Pill?” There are more “real life” questions and scenarios considered in The Matrix Trilogy (Matrix, Reloaded and Revolutions) than probably any other series on the planet. This is my all time favorite analysis of how the creators of The Matrix DVD series combined, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, science and science fiction into one cohesive …

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2015 New Years Resolutions

… Moving – Health and Wealth are intimately related. With your health, you can much more easily make wealth, and enjoy it too. Without your health, all the wealth in the world will not serve you. Get started today and show yourself how much you love yourself by deciding to look and feel like you know you really can. Consider getting some Home Fitness Products and make it easier on yourself (no gas costs, travel time, waiting in line to be able to workout). For more in formation on the …

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Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

manifest abundance

… but only focus on your desired results (the where you want to be, the manifestation of your desires.)   It is by your previous thoughts, beliefs and actions that you are where you are today.  Your predominant thoughts and beliefs about your relationship with your career and money will pave what you see from this moment on.  So, it’s time to align your thoughts, beliefs and actions with what you really want.  Still your mind for a few moments a day, and create! Thoughts Create Things …

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Please Call Me Honey!

… lay on the Honey!  There are a lot of great honeys out there like Manuka honey, or your own local honey. NoniLand Honey is really good. It’s a superfood and medical miracle at the same time. The more you eat it, the healthier you will get! You can get the best raw organic manuka honey here: raw organic honey   A good place to get raw, organic and sustainably produced honey and other organic products, including David Wolfe’s Products (holistic food scientist) is at the Sunfood …

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Foods That Fight Radiation Sickness and Damage

… bath with Dead Sea Mineral Salt and baking soda, to draw any radiation out of your body. Also, try using a homeopathic detox and sit in a sauna (carbon infrared sauna) and quickly release these harmful toxins from your body. Do not let them sit in your body. time is of the essence.   For more powerful radioactive preventative substances like Zeolit visit Radiation Sickness and Water Purification Tablet. …

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