Is Tap Water Safe? Brain Eating Amoeba and Neti Pots Warning

is tap water safe

… still water has a new type of pathogen called a brain eating amoeba, that easily pass the blood-brain barrier when you swim in it. Or even if you use it irrigate your sinuses or flush the using Neti Pots.     Neti Pots WANT to clear your sinuses using a good neti pot? DON’T use tap water for nasal flushes, doctors warn: Doctors are both singing the praises of nasal washes and offering stern warnings. While rinsing out the sinus cavities can benefit those who suffer from colds, …

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The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… Nutrition Increases Circulation Improves Eye Sight and Night Vision As you can see learning to sun gaze can be one of the most beneficial things that you can do. And the price is right too = It’s Free!  Let’s look at how to practice this sacred art to achieve it’s benefits.  You WANT to start out by going slowly so you can acclimate the rods and cones in your eyes for increased information (intelligence) transmission.       Solar Healing Techniques Look directly at sun …

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BrainWave Entrainment – Can It Increase Your IQ and Performance?

brain waves increase iq

… increased, as well as reported memory enhancement. Who wouldn’t WANT to increase their learning capability and memory retention just by listening to some audio beats on their phone, iPod, android or audio equipment? I know I do.     Fluoride and IQ One other thing that I do is use fluoride-free toothpaste and drink filtered water only (fluoride is added to tap AND bottled waters, unless it says on the label that they’ve taken it out! Fluoride is a chemical that is placed in your …

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How to Generate Molecules of Attraction

oxytocin spray - pheromone perfume effects

… feelings of others.  It strongly makes people WANT to cuddle and bond. It generates feelings of love, trust and likability. You can get it as a spray to create attraction in the brains of individuals (male and female formulas) as Oxytocin Spray. Phenylethylamine: It is commonly referred to as “PEA” and is a natural occurring amphetamine that speeds the flow of information between the heart, brain and nerve cells. It contributes to the feeling infatuation and ecstasy and can have …

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Top New Years Resolution – Lose Weight – Free Seminar Shows You How!

… you’re mind is programmed to lose any amount of excess body fat it will happen like clockwork. The way to do this is to have a natural diet plan that totally engages all aspects of who you are, and who you WANT to become. The mind body spirit approach is the one that addresses your whole being and gets them working together for one common achievement – to lose weight and look better than you ever have!   Free Weight Loss Seminar Join us for a free mind body weight loss seminar …

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Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

… stops, it is useless. What I’d like to point out is that if we match our energy with that of money, career or whatever else we desire, we start the action at the micro level that will eventually snowball into full manifestation.  We also call that the “Law of Attraction.”   Wealth and Prosperity So the question that I now ask you is “What do you WANT to start seeing in your career or bank account in these next coming months? First, realize where you currently are, …

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Improve Your Eyesight Holistically – What is Palming?

holistic eye care palming

… is what sun gazing is) is the sun of course, but some people may find that too intense to begin with. A table lamp with a 60-100 watt light bulb, natural light or full-spectrum lights or bulbs are preferred as they are much more healing for your eyes.   You will WANT to find a comfortable position to do this in, ideally seated or lying down on a couch if inside, or lawn chair if outside. Although this method is listed second, it is recommended that you do this first and palming second, but …

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You Can Heal Your Life Right Now and Start Living Your Best Life!

… response in seconds. Depression? Reprogram the ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) AND Replace Them Permanently WANT Unstoppable Self-Confidence that You Control at the Tap of a Switch? Gary Craig EFT EFT was originally coined by psychologist Gary Craig. He was able to help people heal deep emotional traumas (the root cause of many phobias and physical  problems) in a very short amount of time. Many others have followed his footsteps because of the success of the system, and it’s …

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Watch “The Secret” Movie Today!

the secret movie

Watch The Secret   Here is a movie that you can watch over and over again as it’s very inspirational. Just take what makes sense to you, and hop over anything that you already know, or doesn’t interest you at this moment. Esther and Jerry Hicks were the driving force behind this great idea, whose time has come. Watch it, learn and pay it forward and create the type of life you WANT while lifting up others at the same time. It is a win/win situation when this really sinks in:   …

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